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There is another trendy area that Linde Werdelin is nodding at with the SpidoLite - gray watches. The SpidoLite is a decidedly gray watch as you can see in the dial and the case. The dial is interesting. You have the skeletonized hands (that still have SuperLumiNova on them), and the various pieces of the dial. Still, part of the dial design gives you markers for the hours and minutes, so you can still read the time. The SpidoLite isn't quite as legible as other Linde Werdelin pieces, but you'll spend more time admiring the watch itself than relying on it for the time. The case and watch are not flashy, so don't expect that. Rather, they are visually interesting and unlike anything you have seen before, I promise. As is the case with all Linde Werdelin watches, the BiFormeter case and strap style make for a very comfortable wearing experience. I really can't stress that enough. On the SpidoLite, Linde Werdelin places a fabric style strap with a titanium push-button operated folding deployment. To match the skeletonziation of the case, the strap has three rectangular pieces cut out on each side. I've handled a few Linde Werdelin watches, each with a different strap material, and they feel comfortable each time. What I like is that you can wear them tight or a bit loose, and they are still highly compatible with comfort. Despite the avant garde nature of the design, the SpidoLite is still a hard watch with double sapphire crystals and 300 meters of water resistance. I don't think that Linde Werdelin would ever release a watch no matter how interesting it might look, that didn't satisfy the basic "adventure watch" requirements.

Above image via Time Tapesty, with courtesy from Raphael Too.

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Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Anyone in the US knows the power of the Lexus brand these days. Shift your attention to me sitting here in a hotel room in northern Japan. I am in the midst of my invitational pilgrimage to Seiko, as I begin what will be a great many articles over the rest of my watch reporting career. I sit here with having a profoundly new perception of Seiko, a more accurate vision of the entire manufacture. If there is one thing that Seiko hasn’t been able to achieve yet is mass communication of how good they are. I say it here now, European watch companies, fear the Japanese.

The case sounds large at over 46mm wide without the crown, but it really isn't too bad. The case has an almost bubbly cushion look to it aided by the shape of the lugs. Very nice in my opinion. Because DWATCH is all about customization, you can get the case in naked steel or PVD black, and with various types of finishes such as polished, brushed (as seen) or sandblasted. Then you have the rotating diver's bezel that is one of my favorite parts of the watch. Again, you have a few color combinations of black and steel, but the high relief look of the numerals is really nice. Adds an almost pure industrial feel to it. Then you have the texture on the side of the bezel that matches with the large off-set crown. The case also has a Rolex Sea-Dweller helium escape valve on the left side that is a nice touch.

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You might want to consult with your horologist about your current levels of Orthorhombic titanium aluminides. They might be dangerously low, or even, "gasp" not present. If you are Orthorhombic titanium aluminides deficient, not to worry. Richard Mille's new RM022 Aerodyne Dual Time Zone watch has got JUST what you need. Up from the RM021 watch, the Areodyne's gotten fancier. The tonneau shaped case in titanium holds many secrets and complexities. Richard Mille has the crown these days for watches that make you feel like there is an impossible amount of stuff going on inside of the cases.The RM022 is about 40mm wide and 48mm tall. The case is in titanium, or 18 white or red gold. All versions come with alligator straps and matching buckles.

In a nutshell, if you don't already lust for a Spring Drive watch, you should. Let's talk more about the Ananta watches. The watches are important as they represent the first higher-end Seiko watches that have come to America in a long time. In fact, they are world market watches meaning that they are to be sold globally. The watches are based on the look of Japanese katana swords. No doubt you'll see this look all over the watch from the sides of the case to the hands, and the hour markers. Little katana touches are all over the watch, even on the automatic rotor, to remind you of the "sharp" influence. By the way, when I was in Japan visiting Seiko we visited a traditional Japanese sword maker who still makes the awesome "samurai style" swords. As a kid I grew up utterly wanting one of these (and still do). To hold an actual one in my hands (not just some look-alike) was truly awesome. It took a lot of will power for me to hold back, and not find a watermelon to hack up.

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The dial color could be a dark brown (that matches gold well), black, or any other color. It looks nice being a bit bare. I find the font that Virtual Ideas used for the numerals to be interesting. A technical, almost computer generated font that you'd expect to see on a receipt print out. It makes the counting of time more mathematical, or rather the watch look more like an instrument. The hands are smaller but useful. They might stand for some improvement so as to be more clear . They look to be lume covered, so I hope the numerals on the dial are as well. Virtual Ideas designs concepts such as this show watch companies what they can do. As fresh ideas are often better than a stale design department (many of you out there can attest to that). Whenever I see their designs I wonder to myself what brands the looks best fit with.

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The two new models are the Blizzard 010 and the Aurora 009 watch. The numbers seems to indicate what model the watches are in chronological order. You can tell that GoS is newer, and is careful about releasing models. Both of the watches share the same thick 44mm wide steel cases and have either mesh metal or leather straps. The differences are in the dials. Both employ unique forms of Damascus metal forgery. The Blizzard has a titanium chapter ring cut like jagged teeth that double as the hour markers. There is a small signature circular blade shape that is the subsidiary seconds dial. Really no two of the watches will ever look alike. The blued steel hands are a nice chilly scene to go with the "Blizzard" name. Next is the Aurora 009 watch that has a more classic look mixed with the chemical tones of steel with dark hues and greens. Instead of a titanium chapter ring, the Aurora has titanium cylinders on the dial that make up the hour markers like raised columns.

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The 3-Timer comes in a dizzying array of several highly limited editions. Some with 222 pieces other with just 22 pieces. In 18k yellow gold or steel (or with both), a few dial colors, as well as strap options are available. I discussed at some length the watch and its various versions in these two previous articles on Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch line (click for the first and second article on the watch). There you can also see more images of the various versions of the timepiece. This particular version is in steel with the brown dial and brown strap. The strap is an interesting element and I will discuss it right away. First of all, I love how Linde Werdelin does their straps. The tapering and style of how they are connected to the case are elegant but still manly. I also like the quality feel to the deployment and how easy they are to make comfortable. Linde Werdelin has many different strap styles and materials. This one is... leather I think. It has a segmented look to it, and because it is in brown I have given it the pet name of "worm hide." Look at an image of an Earth Worm and you'll know what I am referring to. So the strap is certainly something to look forward to on any Linde Werdelin timepiece. If you are interested, Linde Werdelin will even let you try them out for a few days to see how you like them. I give the watch a thumbs up for style and fucntion. If the price suits you, then you should certainly investigate the Linde Werdelin watch line.

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Last Chance To Enter For The Free Orient Mako Automatic Watch

Last Chance To Enter For The Free Orient Mako Automatic Watch

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The dial on the BR-03 92 Phantom is surprisingly easy to read. The painted hour markers are thick and wide, therefore raised over the dial. They consist of a healthy dose of black photo-luminescent paint, which makes the watch even easier to read when the lights are turned off. I have found in similar watches from other companies that the black markers take longer to "charge" then light colored ones. This means that if you do not hold the watch directly under a light source for five minutes it does not glow in the dark very well. The BR Phantom dials, on the other hand, have a strong, green glow even after regular wear during the day.

I can't say how these gentlemen get along in person. Maybe they are the best of friends or merely tolerant of each other. However, if the accumulation of their efforts is any sign, the passion for watch making brings them together. See Daniel Roth looking through a loupe through the rear of one of the watches and Roger Dubuis doing the same below at one of the parts. Notice the plate with the Maitres du Temps logo engraved in it. Aside from the delicate logo engraving look at the perlage polish on the other surface. Notice how it is not exactly "even?" That is because it is hand done. Unlike cheaper perlage polishing, the "fancy stuff" is all done by hand. Master watch makers regularly inspect this work which is necessary to ensure conformity and "exactness" given the "uniqueness" of each piece as it is individually done. The engraving of the logo is too precise to be done by hand is likely the result of a CNC machine. This also goes for the engraved writing on the gold automatic rotor for the movement. There you also have a combined effort of hand engraved decoration with machine engraving (the wording).

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Like most exclusive Linde Werdelin watches, the Hard Black II will come in a limited edition of just 88 pieces are are currently available for pre-order at Linde Werdelin here (or any of the Linde Werdelin authorized dealers - soon they will be coming to a store near-ish you). Price is 4,920 euros.

Unauthorized Rolex Phone From China Does Actual Rolex Watches Shame

Unauthorized Rolex Phone From China Does Actual Rolex Watches Shame

Inside the watch is mostly the same HM2 automatic movement that has always been a joy to check out. Alain added a 22k blued gold (yup!) automatic rotor that is shaped like a battle axe. And yes, that is not just me talking, but the automatic rotor is intentionally shaped like a kick-ass weapon! On the side of the watch is a simple inscription that should sum it all up for you. “Le vrai bonheur est d’avoir sa passion pour métier,” which translates into “True happiness is having one’s passion for a profession.” I agree, and hence why I do the work that I do commenting and reviewing watches. I seem to be in good company with these two men. I look forward to hopefully checking out an HM2.2 Black Box watch sometime, though that chances of that are not likely. With only 8 pieces ever, and enough fans of both M&F and Alain Silberstein out there, these watch are gonna go fast (if not already).

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For one thing, you have a very clean exhibition of the tourbillon on the dial instead of looking through to your wrist between sandwiches of sapphire crystal, you see the tourbillon escapement on a plate of gold with perlage polishing. Classy and sensible. Then you have the watch dial that is smaller and off centered and a subsidiary "dead seconds" (I will get to that in a bit). Don't miss the power reserve indicator as well. The full name of the watch is the ridiculous sounding "F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain - Remontoir d’Egalité avec Seconde Morte," but I will spare you that title by not continually repeating it.

Which does present a problem. It looks hot, and is very impressive looking, but does not exactly carry the function as of a watch.. Turns out though - the real thrill is on the inside. The Dior Christal Mysterieuse employs a sapphire crystal mystery movement developed by several pioneers in manufacturing - known as the Quinting Manufacture. A collaborative effort of five engineers, including 3 Swiss watchmakers, an automotive engineer, and an electro-technical engineer - this watch is not just remarkable for its aesthetic but for the work inside. Priced at 20,000 euros seems very democratic, when the years and levels of input are considered.

I recently wrote about chef Mario Batali and the special Ernst Benz Chronoscope for in his honor/image. A lot of people felt very strongly about it. Some people liked it, some people didn't, but most sorta voiced a general dissent of Mario Batali himself. Well, the man does use lots of butter and oil in his cooking, but the orange watch done for him by Ernst Benz wasn't half bad. Mario Batali isn't the only celebrity chef to wear an Ernst Benz watch. One of my favorite TV chefs also has one, and can be seen wearing it his show on the Travel Channel, "No Reservations." I am of course talking about New Yorker Anthony Bourdain.

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Free Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Giveaway

The case of the watch is in steel and 41mm wide. It is actually a bit smaller than some of the other Marvin watches that are 44mm wide, but I like the size. Sometimes you don't want something as large on your wrist - and the 41mm size feels friendly and familiar. Most of the case is brushed, while little elements (such as parts of the lugs and around the bezel) are polished. Marvin applies the sapphire crystal on their watches in a unique fashion. The crystal itself is flat, but around the edges it is faceted before it goes into the case. It creates and additional point for light to refract off the watch and is a good character element for the brand. The rear of the watch has a K1 mineral crystal on the caseback window looking into the movement. Another interesting feature the seal of the Marvin company founders that is engraved on the bottom left hand side of the watch case. It reads "M & E D." This stands for Marc & Emmanuel Didisheim, who are the people responsible for Marvin's original beginning a quite long time ago (circa 1850). I've never seen a watch company place just such an engraving on the case, and I quite like it. You'll find this engraving on most all of their watches in the current brand lineup.

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