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4. Repeated over and over, "I can't believe they are buying it. I can't believe they are buying it..."

This is the tenth Opus collection watch from Harry Winston since 2001.It is deviously complicated to explain what it does or how it works. Just looking at the  Opus X watch makes it seems like a simple matter of having various dials for various pieces of information. What you wouldn't understand is that the entire dial is moving, while the entire dial is moving. Harry Winston calls it a "planetary system." Aside from that the white gold case is pretty sweet, and the overall look, while technical, has a certain pleasantness to it. Don't you agree?

Limited to 4999 pieces, the T-Race Nicky Hayden 2010 is an interesting piece that shows how the T-Race is maturing gracefully. Before Tissot redoes the design (which I think will come soon), this is their stock watch used as a base for its motor sports limited edition pieces. The case bezel and crown guard is meant to resemble a brake disc and rotor. The bezel actually rotates and can be used to indicate the GMT time when set properly. While the case is "unique looking" it is actually quite comfortable.

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What do you look for in a watch? Really, think about it. Is it function, design, brand name? I can't necessarily answer that question for myself. I think it personally depends on many factors, but the previously enumerated considerations are all ones that I ponder carefully before buying a watch. When it comes to a watch from a new or unknown brand it is possible to still be excited because of an innovative design. In that case, I look to relative quality as well as price in making a purchase decision. The idea goes into the greater area of how new brands assert themselves. Praesto is obviously not a name you've likely heard of before, because this is the brand's first watch. So let's check out what they have to offer.

You either appreciate the style or it is just too much for you. The style of the watch reminds me of some Citizen Campanola watches, which in my opinion do the look more justice. Then again, this is just an early render, so who is to judge something that hasn't been completed yet. The project is being led (and was started) by Vincent Plomb - whose last name I wish was "Bomb," cause it would sound like a good title for a guy who would wear this watch - Baron von Bomb.

SwissKubiK did a good job with this watch winder, and it is even available in a number of styles and finished. Lots of colors and materials. The one I am reviewing is black and wrapped in calf leather. Prices for the SwissKubiK are high, but not unreasonable for a high-end Swiss made device. The units start at 5, with this leather wrapped version going for 5. I can't see anyone being disappoineted after getting one. Don't forget to check out all the decorative options to make it "yours."

Storm of London offers a really wide range of timepieces, and I am going to end up writing about a few of the pieces they offer that I like. The Caspa is one of them. I think it has an attractive design, and is affordable enough to allow most people to get it without really even thinking. What you get is a well adapted design, in a Storm package, the is a good fit for many occasions.

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Unlike the two versions of the original HM3 (the Sidewinder and Starcruiser), which had straps attached to them in two orientations, The Frog has one orientation, that probably suits the design best. You can piece the movement through the top and bottom mounted sapphire crystals. You will also find a date display ring on the top of the watch as well. A small arrow on the case tells you were to read the date.

Apparently, bomb operators liked these little clocks enough, that many of them took them home with them after WWII. For 2010, Bathys of Hawaii has increased the size of the original bomb timer, and has made quite the interesting watch concept out of the theme. You can see the similar user of large, over-lapping subsidiary seconds dial next to the main time.

See Paul Picot watches on eBay here.Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
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Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
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Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
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Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 23h 37m

The second technical feature that is new is an in-house skeletonized Valjoux 7750 movement. Those watches that utilize 7750s are already modified by Hublot, but here Hublot has actually skeletonized the movement. One image here is of light penetrating though the movement, showing that you can see right through to the other side in parts of it. The combo of the black titanium screws, carbon fiber bridges, sapphire plate under the dial, custom tungsten carbide rotor, and skeletonization makes this feel like so much more than your average 7750 automatic chronograph movement. To make room for the F1 logo on the dial, Hublot removed the subsidiary seconds dial. If you want to measure seconds, you can use the chronograph.

Power Reserve 48 hours

I’m pretty picky when it comes to women’s watches. Nine times out of ten, I prefer the men’s models over the ladies, because ladies watches are usually men’s watches dressed up in opulent drag and placed in a smaller case size. I also don’t like a lot of jewels on my watches (in my watches is A-okay). When I saw the Nubeo line of women’s timepieces, which includes some major sparklies, I had to backtrack immediately. I got a rush like I was a kid on a playground whisking down a slide. Wheee!!! I was in major covet mode and couldn’t wait to try them on.

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Tutima DI 300 German Dive Watch Review

Tutima DI 300 German Dive Watch Review

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You'll recall that the Freaks are crownless watches. You rotate a ring about the caseback of the watch to adjust the time, while the bezel is rotated to wind the watch. Cool right? The movement contains a high-tech silicium escapement (seen in blue), as well as a silicium hair spring. Ulysse Nardin was/is a big innovator, as it was the first brand to use silicium parts. Laughed at, at first, brands like Breguet and Patek Philippe now commonly use silicium in their movements. The movement here is very accurate according to Ulysse Nardin, and has a long 8 days of power reserve.

While at Basel I got to meet with RSW and check out the watches first-hand. You should know that the collection started life as the RSW Outland from a couple of years ago. You can see how the watches share the same case and strap. The Outland was a bit of a wild timepiece that was interesting all over and demanded attention. What it didn't demand was too much of the avant garde market share. People liked the case more than the dial (which was interesting but certainly demanded an acquired taste). They also may have not been thrilled with the price. So while the Outland wasn't a failure per se, it was more of a niche item. RSW had something special with the Outland case and wanted to have a more mainstream product. The disc based time-telling system has merged into a simple three-hand dial (why the watch is called the "3H" - for three hands), and it is being offered with a big variety of colors. I actually think there are too many color options to start. You can easily like so many of them that you won't known which to buy if you like the watch - this often leads to people not buying anything. A condition known a "choice paralysis." What RSW should do (and I told them), is release just a few colors at a time. Each 6 months to a year release some new colors to keep things fresh and lure potential buyers who have been hovering around the idea to buy. Again, I digress. RSW is really making my thoughts wander.

Tissot actually has a tent shop on the race grounds. The tent looks like a hangar, and inside people are buzzing over the pieces. It is great to see the enthusiasm of the fans for the brand. The collectors all aggressively inquiring "show me the limited editions!" MotoGP is a fun sport, and the fans all get in the action by having motorcycles of their own. Not many of those get up to 180mph, but there are some serious bikes in the crowd. It is great to see a sport, and then be riding home on your own bike imaging you are part of the action. Though I wouldn't want to be racing on Laguna Seca. With its world famous corkscrew turn, you have to be a well-trained rider if you don't want to eat dirt. I saw more than one rider skid out on the difficult track.

The unique manually wound HMC341  movement has a power reserve of 7 days, a power reserve indicator on the dial, and a perpetual calendar. Have you ever seen a more neatly integrated perpetual calendar mechanism before? Plus, the perpetual calendar is really complex because it can be set forwards and backwards. I also think that you have no mechanical penalties for adjusting the calendar anytime of day. The beautifully designed face has two large leaf-shaped hands and a smaller center arrow hand. That smaller hand is a month indicator (using the hours markers to indicate the 12 months). Then you have a power reserve indicator balanced out by the date on the opposite end. While the date is not a "big date," the disc has larger font so it looks like one almost. Then you have a large subsidiary seconds dial on the face. Just marvelous. On the rear of the watch you have a leap year indicator on the movement. That is it, how cool? A fully functional perpetual calendar that is barely noticeable.