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In the song, the three members of Migos actually display a significant amount of horological knowledge well beyond their faux-platinum peers. As expected, they clearly espouse a passion for all things bling -  a diamond-heavy case is "flooded like Katrina" in Migos' slang similes. However, Migos' lyrics also exhibit an understanding that watches' value comes from the prestige of a mechanical movement.

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Authentication is the final major consideration when pursuing a private trade. Between anyone but experts, fair private trades involving watches depend on the good faith of the individuals and their willingness to “show all cards” concerning originality and origin. In contrast, major pre-owned dealers with BBB standing and professional reputations are unlikely to misrepresent a watch intentionally. Also, a dealer’s experience and resources are more likely than private owner’s eyes to weed out questionable watches before they reach the trade market. When individuals trade, the entire responsibility and liability lies with the participants. Errors – even honest ones – concerning watch value and originality are more likely to occur.

I am not trying to suggest that in-house made is better or worse that in-house designed, but rather that the two concepts are distinct, and that savvy consumers looking to spend thousands of dollars (or much more) on a watch should be aware of the differences. Of course, the meaning of these terms can become quite confusing when brands own the external companies that either design or produce the movements for them.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to do with the Bovet Recital 16 is adjust the time. Typically such a basic act isn't all that interesting, but here you get the added delight of seeing all three of the time dials moving at the same time. It is a fun view despite being, of course, rather simple. With that said, it is clear that you can adjust all of the time zones at the same time, which will all have synchronized minute hands. That means this isn't the type of watch that allows each of the different times to be totally independently set. Having said that, you'll find that on a travel watch, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Having said that, not all watches are created equally, even though timepieces made today are far more durable than ever. When it comes down to it each individual watch has its own level of durability, and watch brands and retailers should be aware that consumers need to be notified how to wear their watches.

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The Omega Aqua Terra, resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss

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Many Russian-made watch movements were copies of other designs, which of course wasn't uncommon for the era. The Soviet Union was responsible for producing timepieces for its people, which was an important part of daily life. A particular interest for Russian watch makers was durability and dependability. Because resources were scant, it was important to produce timepieces that required as little service as possible. In many instances they were perhaps not as accurate as Swiss or American watches, but they might last longer between service times. Think of the AK-47 rifle, and its goal of being like a tank and able to put up with a lot while still firing. As I understand it, a similar mentality was applied to the design of Russian mechanical watch movements.

History will show that from the start, Stewart was an adept driver. Jackie claims that he owes much of his professional success to his learning disability dyslexia - or at least how he managed to live with it. Stewart is remarkably open about struggling with the problem but in a sense sees his lot in life as a virtue. He is quick to name a list of noteworthy successful people who also have dyslexia and frankness about the topic is unique and refreshing. According to Jackie, dyslexia not only prevented him from finishing school, but also allowed him to hyper-focus on his strengths as a means of compensating for what he might lack elsewhere. For Jackie, his struggles with dyslexia prompted him to intently focus on certain attention-requiring tasks that require not only an extreme attention to detail, but also rapid decision making - such as shooting moving targets, or competitively driving a dangerously fast automobile.

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Sir Jackie Stewart has grandchildren old enough to wear Rolex watches but the legend is sprightly and quick spoken with a charming sense of humor and a quick eye for details. Jackie's upbringing was relatively humble, and when he was 15 years old he began working at his family's garage as a mechanic. Fortune and effort took Jackie from being a mechanic to working for some high-profile local clients, and later to competitive skeet shooting. Jackie was almost an Olympic shooter, but fate took him down another path - car racing.

“It doesn’t take a battery,” I replied in a similar subdued voice. “Of course it does,” Alan pleaded, “look at the second hand...” I took the watch off, turned it over and handed it to him. Witnessing the mechanics, Alan’s confident smug turned. “Um, who makes this...? “Habring,” I stated, taking the watch back knowing full well Alan had never heard of Habring. “Okay, now that’s a cool piece. What is going on with the hand that’s flying around there?”

That sounds complicated enough, and despite the hugely impressive achievements in miniaturization, the UR-EMC movement still requires substantial space. You see, while the so-called large watch trend of late certainly brought along the – oftentimes rightful – criticisms of watch enthusiasts, it should not be forgotten that it was also this trend that quite literally provided watch designers and engineers with the necessary room and space to finally be able to realize some of their wildest dreams. From multiple-axis tourbillons, constant escapements and previously unimaginable ways of displaying time, we have seen a renaissance in experimental watchmaking. And if there ever was a brand to fully harness the possibilities of this very-21st century trend, it was Urwerk Geneve.

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When Hamilton introduced the new three-hand Hamilton Pan Europ watch collection for 2014, they made a point to ensure we paid attention to the NATO-style watch straps they developed for the set. "We are really proud of our NATO watch straps," was the message I got in advance of seeing them. I mean, while differences exist, NATO is NATO, right? Well, yes and no. As you may be aware, NATO-style watch straps are really "in" right now. The watch industry always needs some type of trend to rally behind, and the NATO strap trend is one they particularly like because they feel as though they didn't need to pull it out of a hat.

Robert Michelsen: It‘s Philippe Dufour! He‘s the greastest living watchmaker, a true master of his craft. I have a deep respect for the man and what he has accomplished. To own a watch from him would be a dream, since I am myself a watchmaker and can tell the true value and the amazing craftsmanship his watches hold.

The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Dual Time uses the brand's exclusive GP03300-0094 automatic movement. Offering time, date, and a second time zone, the 0094 has 27 jewels, a 46 hour power reserve and beats at 4 Hz. Visible through the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Dual Time's display sapphire case back, the movement is nicely finished and capped with a signed gold rotor.

At 46mm wide and relatively thick, there is perhaps little that can take away from the masculinity of the Bovet Recital 16. Even with the large size, the curved lugs ensure a very pleasant fit on the wrist, that never feels loose or obnoxiously large. 46mm wide is one of those sizes that can make a watch look much too large on most wrists, or absolutely appropriate, depending on the shape of the case. Note the rounded blue sapphire crystal as the cabochon in the crown (most commonly seen in Cartier watches).

The 2014 Breitling Colt watches come in a nicely sized 44mm wide case, which is a nice middle ground for most people. Breitling designs often look best in larger cases, but Breitling does have a tendency to produce some watches which are truly too large for some wrists. There is nothing wrong with that, but at 44mm wide in steel, the Breitling Colt will look good on the widest possible selection of wrists.

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For 2015, Hublot has released a new ref. 504.QX.0110.LR version of its very interesting Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater watch, this time as a limited edition in an all carbon fiber Classic Fusion case. Minute repeaters are becoming trendy again, as watch makers seek to wow luxury buyers with high-end timepieces that have functions they can see and hear. Minute repeaters are mechanisms that sound out the current time on demand when activating the system using a series of chimes. What separates a "good" from not-so-great minute repeater is the quality of the sound, as well as the complexity of the notes.

ABTW: What are some of the watch brands you are known for carrying? If you could pick a watch brand or model that epitomizes the culture or style of Boston what would it be?

As noted, the 47mm wide stainless steel case, to which the brand refers to as The Great Circle, lives up to its name – certainly more fitting for someone with larger wrists than mine, at 6.75". The case is all brushed, including the bezel, the lugs and the side, which further enhances the already highly masculine size and overall design – baby blue dial, arguably, notwithstanding. Despite the massive size, the watch looks "light" and proportionate, thanks to the amply sized hands and indices.