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ABTW: Given the brands and models you had exposure to in the shop, what did you like so much about the Tri-compax?

We have sympathy for the many watch loving women who are looking for more mechanical timepiece options and tend to only see men's models. Having said that, the watch industry has also noticed that many women who like mechanical watches are now buying men's watches to wear.

Bremont Terra Nova GMT Watch Hands-On

Bremont Terra Nova GMT Watch Hands-On

Arnold & Son TE8 Métiers d’Art I Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Chopard Mille Miglia 2013 Limited Edition Watches Hands-On Hands-On

ABTW: Given that the rarity of this piece would make it hard to obtain, have you moved on to something else?

When Omega released the Speedmaster Z-33 in 2012, it was to be the follow-up to the acclaimed X-33 watch, which took the Speedmaster to a new futuristic place in the 1990s. Developed with support and specifications from astronauts, the Speedmaster X-33 was to be the next generation aviation and aerospace watch. In an all-titanium case, it combined traditional analog hands with an LCD display on the face to offer a range of features useful for those in space. It was Omega's way of keeping the Speedmaster relevant for modern space exploration, as the original Speedmaster "Moonwatch" contains a manually wound mechanical chronograph movement.

For year of the dragon in 2012, the watch industry made some pretty cool watches, because well let's face it, dragons are fantasy creatures made for interesting imagery. While horses are real, they are also the source of lots of legends and myths given their historical use and proximity to civilization. We fully expect to see a host of impressive year of the horse watches this year and Swatch is off to a nice start. The watch has a combination of black horse images on a white-colored case, dial and strap. Each horse is drawn in a way that is meant to resemble traditional Chinese art and calligraphy techniques.

The dial is elegant and simple. While not to everyone's taste it is pure Blancpain elegance when one considers their more formal type of timepieces. The traditional leaf-style hands in gold bring it all together for a look that I think has a lot of appeal for those looking for a general purpose dress watch with a degree of brand-name actual watch maker prestige.

I purposely left the last and probably the neatest little detail as last. The tonneau shape of the case, coupled with the round-ish dial creates some excessive space due to the obvious difference between the barrel shape of the case and the circle inside of it. We already saw how the space above the dial is reserved for the day-night indicator, while the area below it is used to show the engraved text "Edition Limitée" and the unique number of the piece, as well as three diamonds set in engraved star-shaped triangles, serving as the sky behind the Earth.

Panerai has debuted two new (retro designed) Luminor 1950 pieces at SIHH 2014. We have already looked at the monopusher chronograph here, and now it's time to discuss the other offering from this range: the more restrained, two-hand only PAM557 Destro 3 Days which is essentially identical to the famed PAM372 model (reviewed here), but with a lefty crown layout.

Bathys Cesium 133 Atomic Clock Watch Now On Kickstarter Watch Industry News

6. Maitres du Temps Chapter One Transparence Watches Hands-On

Luminox Modern Mariner Automatic 6500 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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De Bethune DB28 Digitale Watch Hands-On Hands-On

BG: Yes, this is one of the watches I cherish and that I will keep forever. Today, with a deeper knowledge of the product, my dream watch is a Patek Nautilus. I think that this is the ultimate watch one can dream of - on top of a JEANRICHARD Terrascope, of course!

Watch Shootout: IWC Ingenieur 40mm 3239 vs. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 8500

Watch Shootout: IWC Ingenieur 40mm 3239 vs. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 8500

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Ref. 116600 Watch For 2014 Hands-On Watch Releases

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique a Quantieme Perpetuel Watch Watch Releases

ABTW: When did your fascination with watches start?

A few days ago on July 23, 2014, Bremont admittedly botched the launch of what is an exciting new product for them - the Wright Flyer that aBlogtoWatch covered here. What happened? Confused facts and efforts by who Bremont claims is a person with an agenda against the brand cast an unfortunate negative light on the release. In addition to the Bremont Wright Flyer being a limited edition timepiece done in collaboration with the Wright family (whose ancestors invented manned-flight in 1903), the Wright Flyer watch was to contain Bremont's first "in-house movement." Nothing about the Wright brothers or aviation relationship was at issue, but rather the details about the movement inside of the watch. Bremont not only left out necessary pricing information, but they also failed to mention crucial details about the origins and development partners of the the BWC/01 automatic movement that was signed "London."

Instagram advertising was bound to happen sooner or later. What? Did you think that for-profit Facebook (Instagram owner) intended for it to be without a revenue stream forever? About four days ago the first ever advertisement showed up for many Instragram users in their feed from user "michaelkors," and it was a picture of a watch. Like many in the watch industry I gravitated to Instagram as a preferred social media tool to share images of mostly watches that I see in the name of aBlogtoWatch (Instagram feed here).

Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver's 200m Watch Hands-On Hands-On

VCXO Ox One “Magic Button” Mechanical Watch With GPS Time Synchronization

VCXO Ox One “Magic Button” Mechanical Watch With GPS Time Synchronization

L. Leroy Osmior Tourbillon Regulateur Automatique Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Buben & Zorweg Time Mover Handwound, An Automatic Watch Winder For Handwound Watches

Buben & Zorweg Time Mover Handwound, An Automatic Watch Winder For Handwound Watches
Buben & Zorweg Time Mover Handwound, An Automatic Watch Winder For Handwound Watches Luxury Items
BUBEN & ZORWEG Time Mover Handwound

Instead, more basic three-hand watches, sometimes with automatic winding or a date indication, and more rarely with a tourbillon escapement, are used for this task, as the comparably larger bridges, cocks and other parts provide surfaces large enough to allow for more creative designs – and creativity is certainly not in short supply at this two-man brand. When I learned that the duo of Molnar Fabry produces no more than around eight watches a year and that it can take several weeks, and often many months, to finish each piece, I expected to see the highest levels of quality in their work – and I was not disappointed. Let's take a closer look at what their unique take on skeletonization is.

Unique Skeletonized Watches By Molnar Fabry: Hands-On And Workshop Visit Inside the Manufacture
Would you be able to guess the base movement? It is a (heavily) modified Unitas 6498-1.

Watch Winner Review: UNIQ P-47 Chronograph Giveaways

Do you know why there was such rapid expansion and growth of the luxury industry in China over the last few years? Because luxury brands more or less started from nothing there. Take a place as large as China, with as many people, and grow a market. The result will of course look amazing. So China was to be the golden land of opportunity for luxury watch makers because of massive amounts of money, especially new money, and a culture that was uniquely receptive to the "good word of Swiss watches." With an almost religious fervor, many Chinese clients appreciate the values and status associated with owning a fine timepiece. The problem is that with legal and political limitations of "high-end gifting" and stabilizing business growth, the Chinese markets are "maturing." That translates into a situation where luxury watch brands aren't seeing the double digit growth numbers they were hoping for.

The watch itself, on the other hand, is a relatively heavy one, coming in at 6.1 oz. This, combined with the 48mm case (stainless steel) made for a watch that wasn't the most comfortable to wear, at least on my 7.25" wrist. Once I got a little more used to the heft, it worked well enough in daily wear, though it wasn't nearly as unobtrusive as some of the heavier divers I've gotten accustomed to. I think this is due primarily to the case size.

Tempest Viking Diver's Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

With 40 hours of power reserve, an 18,000 bph frequency, and the time with tourbillon, the movement inside of the Hajime Asaoka Project T looks relatively basic on paper. What is important to know is all of the little elements the movement has which most don't. First of all, the movement makes use of many ball bearings as opposed to traditional ruby palettes. You can see one used, for example, in the right arm of the tourbillon bridge. Ball bearing pivots are generally much more robust than others.