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The amount of people who will end up buying Artya's expensive, limited production products are small. These are mostly well-to-do collectors who have an eccentric take on life and are anything but novice watch lovers. After a lifetime of buying or seeing conservative timepieces, for many it can be incredibly refreshing to don something weird, wild, or just plain controversial. We feel that it is our role as a watch media destination not only to communicate with those niche buyers who populate our valued readership along with everyone else, but also to keep people informed of what is new and potentially discussion-worthy in the horological world. There are those of you who are strict "tool watch" types who would never consider something brazen and artsy such as this, and then there are the art collector types who are more interested in the look and story of a watch as opposed to what movement it contains or if the same features can be had for a lower price in a differently configured product. We celebrate the variety and oddity of the watch industry, we aren't here to claim that each item we write about is ideal for today's well-dressed gentleman. Well-dressed gentlemen have plenty to seek here and if we limited ourselves to "prudent buys" we'd probably end up being a much less interesting place to frequent.

This sharp contrast helps ensure readability of the watch remains high, at least for the minor functions of the watch. For the major function (you know, timekeeping), they've widened the numerals and hands a bit, allowing for more lume to be applied. This keeps readability up both day and night. Here, they've gone with a green lume which does give a contrast as well, but I wonder if the watch wouldn't look a touch sharper had they used white luminous paint (which would then glow blue or green).

Tech specs from Arnold & Son:
Reference: 1CHAS.S02A.C121S

Can I overwind my manual watch? I recently got my first manually wound watch, despite generally preferring automatic. I have heard that although automatic watches have a way of protecting against overwinding, a manual watch can actually be damaged. Is this true? Or does this differ from movement to movement? There is also no power reserve indicator, so what can I do to make sure I don't damage my watch, but keep it telling good time? Thanks!

JK: This one is still on my wish list.

Bexei Watches: Some Of The Finest In The World & Made In Hungary

Bexei Watches: Some Of The Finest In The World & Made In Hungary

Some of the modern elements (aside from the movement) include the many  dashes of red on the dial. I must admit that the amount of red color on the dial worried me before seeing the watch in person - but after getting some hands-on time I was relieved that in real life the red isn't too distracting or overbearing in relation to the overall design.

The in-house made Caliber 876SQ starts with a long power reserve of eight days between two mainspring barrels and contains a relatively efficient 260 parts. It also operates at a modern frequency of 28,800 (4Hz). We mention this because in our opinion most mechanical movements today should operate at 4Hz or more. Many try to get away with a lower frequency and in some instances that is OK. Having a specialized or intentionally "vintage" movement can make a slower frequency make sense. Having said that, 4Hz is the frequency you get out of standard ETA movements, and luxury watchmakers should always strive to offer this rate or faster, which tends to equate to movements that are more accurate over time. Brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre understand this as do others, but I still feel that it needs to become more of a priority a high-end maisons who keep telling us how innovative and advanced they are.

LK: This particular watch represented our two passions as watchmakers, chronographs and calendars. The detail and aesthetic were simple and executed perfectly, for me this was the ideal interpretation. Universal Geneve has a storied history with producing the first two-button chronograph in 1934, the Compax and the first triple-date moon chronograph in 1944, and for their 50th anniversary, the Tri-Compax.

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While we will cover the Lambda in an separate post, the Lux is arguably the outlier in Nomos' newly expanded lineup. Available in two 18k white gold versions - the Lux Weissgold (light blue and white dial) and the Lux Weissgold Hell (white dial), the range utilizes a tonneau-style case rendered in 18k white gold and measuring 40.5 x 36 mm. With wire lugs and a thickness of just 8.95 mm, the Lux should make for a very wearable design.

This is definitely a larger watch (45mm diameter, 18.3mm thick), but it should be lighter than you'd expect, being as it's made out of titanium. Between the AR-coated sapphire crystal, the patented crown-lock system, and their Armortiser, this is a watch that can stand up to a variety of abuse and conditions (see the tech specs below), all for ,300.

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Even though a new, improved version was released in 1961 and Elvis could be seen wearing the distinctive arrow-pointed Hamilton "Ventura" model in the movie "Blue Hawaii," Bulova had by then released their more accurate and more dependable Accutron tuning fork watch, going on to become a huge success. The Hamilton 500 was a fusion, it still contained elements from the mechanical watch such as bridges and balance wheels, it was only after all the problems they encountered that they decided to modify this hybrid approach. Nevertheless, the Ventura model went on to become an iconic watch designed by Richard Arbib with an aesthetic which complemented the watch's very modern movement.

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Geneva Seal: The chronograph is one of the most popular watch complications. As your readers know, chronograph is just a fancy word for a stopwatch combined with a display watch. It's quite unique for a family jeweler to succeed in a large city. In Chicago, it's family first, second, and third.

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GIVEAWAY: Four LEGO Watches For Adults

GIVEAWAY: Four LEGO Watches For Adults

Stockinger luxury safes and watch winder cabinets are a sweet treat for Christmas or all year long. The Watch Winder Cabinet collection pieces start at 2,400 € for the smallest version and the BRABUS SV12 safe is priced at 110,000 €.

The Mk II Fulcrum “American Milsub” Dive Watch

The Mk II Fulcrum “American Milsub” Dive Watch

You have to hand it to JEANRICHARD.  When most brands introduce a variant of existing models, there's not much to tell the models apart other than a suffix on the model reference number.  With their three newest watches, they've come up with a name for the, well, sub-collection:  Nocturnal Adventures.

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Last is the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Tron, which as its namesake a implies in inspired by the world of the 1982 science fiction film. Niklas in particular likes the colors and how the traditional world of a timeless design can be combined with modern aesthetic elements. These are all very interesting "watch what-if" versions of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon.

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The dial is semi-skeletonized and offers a view of a portion of the underlying movement while still featuring Zenith's signature three color Striking 10th sub dials. Offering a total measure of sixty minutes, the central seconds display offers 1/10th of a second resolution with full seconds shown on the blue sub dial. There is also a very cool date display at six showing the date via cut-out numerals with a red background. The same red is seen on the dial peripheral and the central 1/10th seconds hand with its Zenith star counterbalance. Great dial design at work here. Lots of detail and eye-catching elements without sacrificing the legibility of the time display or chronograph measure.

As you can imagine, this is especially complex from a planning and execution standpoint as they are not simply cutting away excess metal from an existing movement, but rather organizing all of the essential aspects of a movement so that the design promotes a view of the mechanical elements while still offering a functional and legible display.

The new case is actually pretty nice. Even though it is a bit dressy being all polished, it still has sporty elements. Those include the integrated crown guards as well as the inset sections on the sides of the case. ArtyA had and will continue to have a lot of success with their larger 47mm wide case, but for those who simply couldn't pull it off or wanted something a bit more mainstream, this new 44mm wide case will certainly please.