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For a moment I can imagine that my entire watch collection is made up of these beautiful artistic timepieces. Each day I could choose to wear a different animal. People seeing my watches would always be curious about the "guy with the parrot or cockatoo watch." Would they be a match to my personality, or just part of an eccentric character. I don't know the result, but it would be fun to find out.

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Technical Specs of the watch straight from Tag Heuer:

See this Nivrel 5 Minute Repeater skeletonized gold watch on James List here.

Orient Ladies’ Automatic CDB01005W Watch Review

Orient Ladies’ Automatic CDB01005W Watch Review

Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Attention to detail all over the watch is fantastic. The hour markers around the dial are jewels that match the color theme of the watch. Here they are sapphires. The movement decoration, finishing and detail of the case, everything is amazing. Another example is that the strap ends where the butterfly deployment attached has a spring mechanism that gives about 1-2mm of pull. Why? Just to make sure the watch strap stays comfy if your wrist expands when you clench your first. Just like stretchy pants.

What type of woman would wear these watches? Certainly not ever type of woman. I am not here to predict who would wear it, but I think it is clear that these watches are not for everyone, and that is likely how Boucheron likes it. Me too, because the richness of the watch world has room for models that some lust for and others loathe. Aside from the gray gold cases and many types of jewels the watches have either satin, galuchat (sting ray) straps. Overall, I appreciate this Boucheron ladies' watch collection because it is able to be humorous about luxury. This is not the first time that Boucheron has had a Bestiary collection, or that they have does animals mixed with jewelry. But the humor is there and so is the fantasy. So I like these watch. Check out the invidiual articles for more information about each model via my Luxist articles here:

F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain With Constant Force Escapement And Dead Seconds Available On James List Sales & Auctions

The Longio Automatic SG3824E watch comes on a nice reptile embossed black leather strap with a nice butterfly fold over clasp. For what you get, the price is reasonable at 0. Longio is serious about their watches, and I am not the only person I know that likes their stuff. It even comes in a nice box. If you are looking for a nice quality Chinese watch, with region character, and years of know-how to understand what goes into watch making, a Longio watch is a good choice.

A deep sense of childish excitement erupted when I laid my eyes on these early renderings of the new Star Wars collection watches by Marc Ecko. The brand and trademark (for Marc Ecko watches) is now owned by the Timex group, who are probably going to do a good job at making Marc Ecko watches look much nicer. I have not always been a fan of the brand's offerings, see this article of mine here. Actually come to think of it, I don't see at all how a Star Wars themed watch fits into the Marc Ecko style at all, though I am perhaps missing something the designer did in the past. Regardless, who cares? These new watches are going to be pretty darn awesome! I don't really care what brand name is slapped on them as long as they look good and are done with decent quality standards.

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Ever since the new Calibre 5 movement based Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches came out I knew that they were going to be a big hit. Now, after Tag Heuer has penetrated the market with loads of marketing many of us many not yet have seen any of the actual pieces. The new Aquaracer watches look nothing like the previous line, which is a good or bad thing depending on how you see it. Well, there are SOME similarities. In fact, Tag Heuer still makes both lines, calling the new one the Aquaracer 500m. I think it is interesting when a company replaces an old model with something else, but still makes the old model. I've always appreciated how the new line is both aggressive and stylish - as well as durable enough to serious diving needs.


  • Aerospace Grade Titanium case
  • ETA2824-2 Automatic movement
  • 44mm diameter
  • 49mm diameter with crown
  • 14mm thick
  • 54mm lugs to lugs
  • 500m Water resistant with automatic helium valve release
  • Domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective inside
  • Drilled through lugs with screw-in tube

Custom Black DLC Coated Rolex Watches From Time And Gems Luxury Items

Adjusting the watch is done via a crown on the rear of the watch. It is pretty easy to operate, and the watch has a Japanese quartz movement inside of it. The Pi Watch is certainly a purist when it comes to industrial design and telling the time. Given that is probably the first, or one of the first watches from not only Ben McCarthy, but also WORKSHOPPED, the result is good. The watches are available as part of a limited edition set of 500 pieces (available with the pictured black strap, or a white one). You could call it a unisex design, but I feel it is more masculine in style. Given the limited availability (as well as production) and designer nature of the watch, the price of 0 seems fair. Check it out or get a Pi Watch at WORKSHOPPED here.

Giveaway: Phosphor Digital Hour Clock Black Watch + Discount For All

Giveaway: Phosphor Digital Hour Clock Black Watch + Discount For All

Gc Sport Class XL Watch Watch Releases

Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

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Fortis Eden Roc Incabloc Mechanical Watch Leather Band RUNNING
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Fortis B-42 Black & Black Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
Fortis Cosmonaut Watch Andora Chronograph Titanium Watch Signature Automatic
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Fortis B-42 Black & Black Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
Vintage Fortis Ladies Mechanical Wind Up Watch GWO Black Leather Strap
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Passion can become your creation in the watch world. Anyone with a heart and some diligence can have their own watches be made and shared with the world. I see many watches that come from just one person's design efforts, and am each time interested with the result. This is the case with the i-toc watch. It is the founder's personal statement of modern understatement. I believe the idea was something artistically functional. Giving people who aren't familiar with the concept a perception of "what is that?" When they first see the watch. They are also artistic. Designer Sean Zoega wanted to make sure the resulting watch based on his ideas was as functional as a "standard watch" without looking the same.

You of course get that the "V4" name is meant to remind you of a car engine. So is the look of the movement as seen through the rear of the watch. The four turbine looking cylinders as the four corners of the movement are each the mainspring barrels. Together they hold 52 hours of power reserve for the watch. You'll notice that on the front and year of the watch there are a number of belts, just like in an engine. These transmission belts are cool to look at and replace many of the smaller gears that connect the larger gears. These are called pinions. The transmission belts are constructed in the same way as those in engines, just miniaturized. Meaning they still have a metal wire going through them for strength. And like those on engines, likely need to be replaced every... few 100,000 miles, or hours of operation in this instance (guessing on when they will need to be replaced, but you know they will be at some point).

Mounting your watch is easy to do. Simply take the cylinder off the rollers and press out the foam brick. Close your watch around the brick, place it back inside of the cylinder and then put it back on the rollers - that easy. The system also works to alleviate fears of breaking a motor by adding or removing a watch while the system is on. It does not matter at all whether or not the cylinder is on the device as it will not hurt the motor inside of the roller. That is really it in terms of using the Future watch winder. It is just that simple. There is of course the cubic hood that helps complete the look and keeps out dust. Yea, you'll have to lift it off the unit. The acrylic hood fits relatively well on the unit - it does not have a real specific spot, but seems to fit on well.

A few weeks ago you may recall that I notified you that would be down for a bit. That was the first phase of the upgrades to make faster, and more powerful for you. Well that was a band-aid compared to what I am doing now. As such, I am undergoing a more intensive full web host migration. The site will be down a bit, can't say how long. No matter what, will be back and serious soon. Wish me luck!

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

Inside the watch is an interesting use of a movement. Essentially the watch has one of Seiko's Kinetic quartz movements inside - though it is not called that. The movement is instead called an "I-Matic"  and is made by Epson (which is Seiko's parent company). For those of you not familiar with this movement, it is a quartz, but does not require battery changes. Instead, it has a rotor just like automatic mechanical movements which is uses to charge the internal battery that powers the watch. The watch will run for 180 days on a full charge. The Red8 watch expresses some of these details clearly on the dial. Features like this keep the cost down, as Red8 intends for its watches to be of a high quality, but not unaffordable.

I am proud to announce that I am now the watch editor for the prestigious luxury lifestyle magazine, Haute Living. The magazine is unique for having a series of regional editions which include Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. There is of course, also a national edition of the magazine. I will writing about a few watches in issue. Those articles will be republished on Haute Living's blog located here. I hope to bring a more interesting and conversational tone to the discussion of luxury watches in "print" arena, with a focus on topics for dedicated watch lovers, and those fresh to the passion.

i-toc Watch Review

i-toc Watch Review

This watch review was contributed by a watch enthusiast from Finland. I am proud to continue you to present you with a world-wide, watch lover perspective. You can once in a while get a break from my snarky tone and listen to a different perspective on reviewing a watch. Ezteem is a newer Swedish watch brand (about 5 years old). I personally enjoy their smooth designer look. This is certain a suave modern dive style watch. The writer below is Santtu Määttänen, a Finnish national and marketing professional, as well a and watch hobbyist who can give you a northern European perspective on our "horological imperative." By the way, please let me add that English is not the writer's first language, so please take that into consideration when reading his review:

The design is a mix between modern looks, classic diving watches, and some other LUM-TEC pieces. The case is in steel and 44mm wide with a massive rotating divers bezel (with an equally large lume dot). The case is made with a series of aggressive looking sharp angles. Notice the thick lugs which add to the visual strength of the watch and also look like the tips of Japanese katana swords. LUM-TEC looked at other aggressively styled diver watches for inspiration when designing the face of the watch. You can see the large orange bordered minute hand and very easy to read face. Of course LUM-TEC places their special MDV (maximum darkness visibility) lume on the dial for easy darkness viewing (even underwater). There is also the extra large crown - makes the watch visually more impressive, and also make it easy to operate with gloves. Crystal should be sapphire.

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